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Silver Candelabras

Silver candelabras are a type of candle holding assembly that are usually very decorative in nature.

They usually serve a sort of two-fold being to hold candles, and the other being to look good while doing it!

Usually they are more for show than for basic functionality, but many silver candelabras do see actual use at some point or another.

The first thing that you will need to decide on before you go out to order or purchase a new silver candelabra is whether or not you want it to be made of real silver.

There is a huge difference, mostly in price, between a candelabra made of real silver and imitation silver, and the choice is going to be up to you for which to buy. There are upsides and downsides to each, so here are some things that might help you to make a better decision with your silver candelabra.


candelabras    silver plated candelabrasterling silver candelabracandelabra


First off, a lot of people do like silver because, well, it is silver! Silver is a precious, valuable, decorative metal that holds a sort of automatic grandeur, while imitation silver is just that… an imitation of the real thing. Silver looks stunning and is pretty easy to maintain, though it does take some polishing once in awhile.

There is also a difference, though, between a candelabra made of pure silver and those that are just coated with pure silver. The pure silver construction would be much more expensive, while getting a silver candelabra that is just coated in silver would be a lot cheaper. Silver is pretty expensive, but a of people will gladly have the money for something that seems “more real”.


silver plated candelabra    candelabrassterling silver candelabra  candelabra


But, silver does have its downside, which is mostly its high cost. The primary reason some people buy imitation silver candelabras is because they cost much less, while looking basically the same initially. So, from first appearances, you might ask yourself “why not?”. Well, while an imitation silver candelabra is nice looking, it does not necessarily possess the luster that real silver does.

Also, they are not real silver, which means that they are not really made of precious metal, which makes them more run-of-the-mill than unique. But still, they can be nice looking… and a lot of people consider them just as good as real silver candelabras if they are from a good company that designs and builds them well.



Silver candelabras are often used in ceremonies or get-togethers of different types. You will see them at weddings, at fancy parties, and award ceremonies, and about everything in between. They provide soft lighting (from candles), and add brilliant atmosphere to any setting.

Some people rent candelabras for weddings or ceremonies, but you can actually save a lot of money by just buying your own, especially if you have a lot of kids that are going to be getting married someday! Hey, why not get started now and get a silver candelabra that your kids can one day use as well?


        silver candelabra          silver candelabras